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Bridgette Hamilton

Bridgette qualified as a complementary therapist in December 1997. She also gained qualifications in nutrition and diet along with anatomy and physiology around the same time. She has been a full-time therapist for the last 20 years. She has a special interest in how the nervous system affects our behaviour, and how we can control it for better physical and mental health. It is a lifelong interest, stimulated by discoveries happening all the time now in the delicate link between mental processes and body systems and how they connect everything we think and feel.

She was a project manager for the HHT (Holistic Health Team) which was a 40 strong team of therapists, for over 5 years. This organisation facilitated therapies that were free at the point of delivery for those that received them. They worked extensively with government agencies, drug and alcohol services and healthcare charities. They also worked for a wide variety of corporate organisations and large institutions. This has given her a vast amount of experience working with, and alongside people from all walks of life.

She runs workshops all over the country teaching people how to gain control over their nervous system responses using a wide variety of techniques. These workshops centre mainly around resilience in the workplace, and have been delivered to a wide range of sectors from staff working at Hope Construction sites to Co op pharmacy staff.

She studied and qualified in hypnotherapy in 2006, and now works full-time as a hypnotherapist at The Park Hypnotherapy Centre, her clinic in Nottingham. Over the last 10 years she has developed a system for weight loss using a combination of therapies and nutritional guidance. She now works with private clients and groups helping them take back control of their own eating habits and re-gain their natural energy. These groups happen at the clinic and in-situ for organisations and groups around the East Midlands. She also runs 2 successful on-line groups for helping people with sugar addiction and those looking to lose weight.

She blogs as often as she can, and speaks to a variety of groups on the subjects of health, weight loss and nutrition; she also talks on the topic of hypnotherapy and its' benefits in mental and emotional well-being. 

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