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Green Cat

Deborah Carnelley

Debs is married with a grown up son, no grandchildren yet but she's hopeful. 

She wrote her first piece at 12 years old, a play which she and her siblings performed in their mother’s kitchen. She always wrote verses for friends and colleagues for birthday cards, which led her write her first proper story about 15 years ago.

She's always loved to write but after being inspired by a colleague at work decided to take it more seriously.

all three Deborah Carnelley books
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Milo is the most handsome unicorn in all of Cornnius, but dreams to be different. Follow his journey where he realises his dreams.

Dinky The Mermaid

Dinky is a mermaid who is caught up in a storm and gets lost. Henri finds her and protects her, but she yearns to be back home.


Deborah brings us the story of Tianna, a fairy who lives in a Christmas tree.