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Sarfraz Ahmed

Sarfraz Ahmed lives and works in the East Midlands, professional trained as a careers adviser and has branched out as trainer, assessor, and a careers writer. He has been writing for poetry for eighteen years and has contributed his poems to many anthologies published over the years including; Paint the Sky With Stars, published by Re-invention UK and many others by published by the United Press, as well as many other contributions online. In his spare time he enjoys music and travelling and engaging with the arts.

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Eighty-Four Pins is a collection of sixty poems, never before published, and eighteen years in the making. Chosen at the midst of many years of writing poetry, Sarfraz's poems are observational, inspirational and abstract, taking a subject matter and making it relevant to every man, woman and child. Written from the heart and from the essence of the core of the things he loves, and that moves him. They are the passions that fill our hearts are defined through the eyes of a poet. Words shaped in our every interaction, whether it is the buzz of the city streets, or festival or just everyday life, these are the moments that we simply couldn’t live without, are captured and contained in my poetry.


A percentage of book sales will be donated to Cancer Research.

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