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Sue McFarlane

Author with Green Cat Books

After retiring from her own complementary therapies practice of over 20 years, Sue McFarlane has finally found her creative voice and explores many topics within this work. Born in East Yorkshire, now living in Nottinghamshire with her husband and three rescue cats, Sue enjoys rambling in the countryside, exploring nature, cooking and gardening.

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The idea that we come across very similar events in life, time and time again is not new. One's life-spiral forever grows and extends out into the world and universe. My Words for Living evolved whilst I contemplated life in 2020, a year of restriction and forfeits but most importantly, for me, personal growth, acceptance and appreciation. A volume of poetry is like a set of short stories, each a separate entity, a different tale, mood and energy. Like a box of chocolates, you may find one or two are your favourites but I invite you to give them all a try. Perhaps you could allow My Words for Living into your mind and feel them in your heart.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-16-3  RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook)


Publish date 9th April 2021 

(eBook available 21st March)




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