Timea Ashraf

Timea Ashraf was born in Hungary as Timea Magloczky in 1988 from a

poor family. Her first experience with books was early at the age of 3

when she read all the books in the nursery for her classmates as an

organised activity. During the early years she made sure that she went to all

the reciting competitions.

A few years later, when her brother looked for his new high school, she

was so bored that she wrote a poem. There was no stopping her from

that moment. She wrote a lot of poems while she grew up, once a 47

verse long sonnet just for the fun of it and 2 short stories. Unfortunately,

all her works from Hungary had been lost due to her young adulthood

events. She had about 8 years long writer's block after that, then all of a

sudden her mind just switched back to be a writer.

She’s been able to recover one of her short stories and she’s in a process

of translating it to English; as now she’s decided to continue the road in

Britain in 2017. She’s recently living in England with her husband and two

children. Her first book published is the Bibi and the Butterfly King but she

already has a couple more ready to fly. She hopes she can make people/

children happy with her work and give them some extra knowledge about

the life.

A bilingual English / Hungarian children's book about a butterfly king who asks a local chef to cook a magical meal for his son.

Limited print run, only 1 copy available (available for larger print runs) RRP £6.99